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Pilates and Knee Health

knee injuries pilates Dec 15, 2018

Knee issues and injuries are a debilitating problem for people of all ages, however,  there has been a shocking  70% increase in young Australians having ACL reconstruction surgery over the last 15 years. This is largely due to sports that involve impact and sudden direction changes such as skiing, netball, football and martial arts.  As children's sport becomes more professional and the demands on young bodies more rigorous,  solutions are needed to reduce the rate of knee injury which is also putting them at risk of Osteoarthritis in later life. 
Many of my Pilates clients deal with knee pain at some point in their lives due to a large and varied number of reasons.

How Does Pilates  Offer Solutions?
Pilates provides the perfect tools to assist with stabilizing the knee joint and strengthening the surrounding muscles,  but as muscles don't work in isolation it's necessary to view the body as a whole.  Everything...
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Pilates for Prevention - Future Proof your Body

Early Years

In 1928, Joseph Pilates emigrated to the USA from Europe and coincidentally opened his studio in the same building as the New York City Ballet.  The dancers of the company were among his clientele and they discovered that his Method was ideal for rehabilitating their many dance-related injuries. Soon his exercises became part of the dancers daily strength and conditioning routine, for ultimately preventing injury and future-proofing their bodies and in this case, careers. 

Pilates for Prevention Today

Now practiced worldwide, the Pilates Method is ideal for preventing injury, not only in the dance world but can be extremely beneficial to both elite and amateur athletes of all ages. There are numerous benefits for the general population who want to enjoy a high quality of health and fitness throughout their lives and remain fit and active during retirement. As is the case in my own studio, many people use Pilates as an alternative to surgery such as joint...

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Solutions for Prolonged Sitting - A Pilates Perspective

Everyone has heard the negative publicity surrounding long periods of sitting which has been declared to be more detrimental to our health than smoking. Research has linked it to everything from obesity and diabetes to heart disease and everything in between.
With so many of us in sedentary desk jobs, how do we counteract this by-product of the Information age?
Human beings are designed to move and if I ever needed evidence of this, I don't need to look any further than the many clients I have assessed over the years and seen firsthand the effects of prolonged sitting on their bodies.
In general and to varying degrees, posture is compromised with a forward head position and rounded shoulders leading to poor alignment of the shoulder joints leaving them susceptible to injury. The chest is compressed which restricts the diaphragm and inhibits breathing. Hip flexors become tight and shortened and the glutes switch off leaving the lower back vulnerable often resulting...
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What is the Mind Body Connection in Pilates?

What is the Mind-Body Connection In Pilates?

I use the term mind-body connection when I am teaching my Pilates clients all the time and I've even used the term to name my Online Pilates Membership Site, but today I going to delve more deeply and explore the mind-body connection and what it means for us as we practice Pilates.
Joseph Pilates refers to the mind-body connection many times in his writings and stresses it's importance in his Method.
"Man should develop his physical condition simultaneously with that of his mind" Joseph Pilates
Many forms of exercise can be completed mindlessly such as walking on a treadmill at the gym, for example, while watching a television screen to pass the time. This type of external stimulation can create a disconnection with our bodies as our focus is on the television as opposed to our bodies. Pilates encourages us to go within and connect with our deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor and create an awareness of these...
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Eating For Optimal Health

A Tough Lesson
A healthy balanced diet is such an important part of life for so many reasons and for me, something that had to be learned the hard way, by experience.  Everything changed for me following a severe bout of Glandular Fever at the age of 27 leaving me bedridden for 6 weeks.  My current diet and knowledge of food were born out of necessity to assist my recovery as it was a long and tedious process and as anyone who has had glandular fever severely and then goes on to develop Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is aware of, something you always have to be mindful of and constantly managing.  I'm sharing my story to inspire others who may have similar issues with food, that it's possible to change your tastes and your diet at any time and adopt new healthy habits which will improve your overall health and well-being in ways you may have never experienced before.

Shaky Foundations 

Growing up, I was a fussy eater, and...
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Anita Takes Control of her Health and Fitness - A Pilates Journey

At 61 years of age, Anita is in remarkable physical shape, and her
fitness, core stability, coordination and balance would rival the majority of people less than half her age.
This wasn't always the case however and we'll rewind back about 11 years ago. As Anita was approaching 50 she was carrying excess weight, she weighed 79 kilos and was 165 cm tall. She made a decision then, that she didn't want to be "Fifty and Fat" and took action. Enrolling in a supervised weight loss program with the goal of losing 10 kilos, she was able to achieve this and was then supposed to plateau. A change in leadership in the program at this time resulted in some confusion surrounding her goals resulting in a further 5 kilo weight loss! During this weight loss period, a friend suggested they introduce some exercise by swimming laps at the local pool. Anita reluctantly agreed as the idea wasn't appealing initially, but almost instantly she was hooked and swimming is now an important part of...
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How to Create the Perfect Pilates Practice Space at Home

Despite all our modern conveniences, everyone seems to be busier and more time poor than ever.
Movement, exercise and Pilates in particular is such a vital part of life for so many reasons and having the right set-up can make slotting it into your schedule more manageable on a daily basis. The correct set-up can mean the difference between being able follow through on your Pilates goals or having to abandon them.
Small chunks of time seem to be more acheivable for most of us which is why the majority of the video workouts on my Online Pilates Studio are around 10 minutes in duration.
Today I’m going to share with you some tips that are working successfully for both myself and my clients.
Firstly, I'll look at creating a dedicated space in your home, garage, office or back shed. If you are fortunate enough to have some space that you can set aside permanently for Pilates practice, that's the ideal situation. Make sure there is enough light and you have the...
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From Cancer to Mountain Climbing - A Pilates Journey

Allana started Pilates with me in April 2010 knowing that she needed to improve her core stability and improve her overall general health and well-being.
Having been diagnosed with cancer almost 5 years earlier and gone through treatment, she had successfully beaten it and was now ready to take charge of her body and move forward. She had several goals she wanted to pursue including preparing for an upcoming trek she had planned in Central Australia and she wanted to be in peak physical condition for maximum enjoyment.
She worked hard and applied herself to Pilates and soon she was beginning to see some great results. One of the most challenging aspects for her was improving her body awareness and her ability to sense, feel and connect with different parts of her body.  Having dealt with the trauma of cancer it can be understandably quite challenging sometimes to be able to re-acquaint yourself with your body and view it in a positive light.
However, Allana’s...
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Back Pain towards Black Belt - A Pilates Journey


Belle started Pilates with me in June 2009 when our then mutual Osteopath, who thought we would work well together, referred her to me for Pilates rehabilitation. 
Suffering from debilitating lower back pain caused by a Lumbar Disc Bulge (an injury from gardening), she had been reliant on a walking stick at times, was often bed-ridden and unable to work. 
At 33 years old she should have been enjoying life. Osteopathy was providing relief but she needed to strengthen her core and stabiliser muscles. Having previously tried Pilates at another studio with disappointing results, Belle was open to something new but also a little hesitant due to her negative experience. 
She was extremely motivated to take control of her pain and learn how to manage her condition. She readily absorbed all the information I gave her including a home program which she diligently stuck too on a daily basis. Pretty soon she was making amazing progress, and while there were...
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Why Choose Pilates? Fitness For Every Stage Of Life

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2018

As I set of on my walk this morning I noticed an elderly woman, lets call her Eva, ahead of me on the footpath with a walking stick pulling a shopping trolley behind her obviously heading for the local shops a couple of blocks away. She was struggling to walk in a waddling, side to side movement and was clearly in pain. At every second house Eva would stop sit and rest on the front fence for a minute or so before continuing on. Walking was clearly difficult and her joints looked painful and stiff, this daily activity of walking had become a major issue for her.
When I see people in Eva’s situation I want to help them and let them know for the vast majority, there is another way! Unfortunately in our culture it is widely accepted that ageing involves pain, loss of fitness and lack of mobility but it’s not true! This is where Pilates comes in. This unique method of exercise strengthens from the inside out by developing core stability and can be tailored to any fitness level...

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