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Great Glutes - What Are They & Why Are They So Important?

glutes & pilates May 05, 2019

Very early in my Pilates teaching career, one of my new clients was about 4 weeks into her sessions when she asked me a question.
She suddenly looked very worried and I wasn't sure what was coming next. 
"You keep talking about Glutes but ummm  (awkward silence)  what exactly do you mean by that?
Another awkward silence. I had been talking to her about Glutes and giving her Glute exercises but she had never heard the term Glutes before and didn't know why I was subjecting her to "Glute" Exercises. It was a huge wake-up call to me to never assume everyone is familiar with the Glutes. Since then I've found many clients who have had either very little or no knowledge of the Glutes when they first start Pilates. So if this sounds like you-you are definitely not alone. Read on to discover the wonders of the Glutes!

What are the Glutes?
The Gluteal muscles, commonly known as the butt muscles, are a group of 3 muscles Gluteus maximus, Gluteus medius, Gluteus minimus. 

Why are...

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