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Don't Ignore Your Pelvic Floor - A Pilates Perspective

pilates & pelvic floor Mar 23, 2019

In my experience, the pelvic floor has proven to be a mystery for the majority of my clients when they first start Pilates. Some have been taught how to do pelvic floor exercises incorrectly while most have never heard of it at all. When they are currently dealing with a pelvic floor issue, however, suddenly the pelvic floor takes on a new level of importance. 

What is the Pelvic Floor?
The pelvic floor is a horizontal muscle group consisting of several layers of muscles which form the base of the pelvis. It supports organs such as the bladder and bowel in men and the bladder, bowel and uterus in women. It goes from the pubic bone at the front, to the tailbone at the back and to each sitting bone at the sides. It can be helpful to imagine it as a trampoline or hammock. 

Why is the Pelvic Floor so important?
For both men and women, the pelvic floor forms part of the core and helps to stabilise and support the pelvis and spine and is important for bladder and bowel control...

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