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Client Spotlight - Anita's Cancer Journey

pilates during cancer May 31, 2020


Last November as we began winding down in the Pilates studio and heading towards end of year celebrations, Anita received the news that everyone dreads.  She had been diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer.
Anita would have to be one of the very last people I would have expected to be in this situation and I'm sure I was just as shocked as she was.
Having been attending my Pilates studio for 6 years at the time of her diagnosis,  I knew that with her fierce determination and positive attitude she would beat this.  In October 2018, I first featured Anita in a blog post entitled  "Anita Takes Control Of Her Health & Fitness - A Pilates Journey" which describes her dramatic weight loss and her Pilates and fitness journey.  I've always believed that maintaining your health and fitness at the highest level possible is vital for a good recovery if faced with an unexpected injury or illness and Anita's experience reinforces this theory...
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