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Client Spotlight - Kathy's Double Knee Replacement Journey


When Kathy started Pilates with me in January last year she was dealing with ongoing, painful knee issues and was extremely motivated to find a solution and become pain-free.  She had already been attending a Pilates mat class for about 18 months when she came to me but she felt she needed additional specific strengthening to assist her condition to avoid surgery or delay it as long as possible.  As an active 69 year old grandmother of 6 young grandchildren, including a set of twins, she wanted to be physically strong and fit to enjoy caring for and playing with her grandkids, without constant pain.  She also enjoys challenging walks and travel so knee pain was really preventing her from living her best life possible.  Kathy continued her mat class and followed JS Mind Body Pilates Online, my online studio, initially with exercise suggestions from me.  She was extremely diligent with her Pilates practice and she...

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