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Lumbar Disc Issues? Become Pain-Free with Pilates

What is a Lumbar disc issue?
You may have heard people say they have slipped a disc, but what they really mean is they have a disc issue such as a bulging, herniated, desiccated or ruptured disc.  This can occur anywhere along the spine but today I'll be discussing Lumbar disc issues. The intervertebral discs are like small sponges between each spinal vertebrae and act as supportive cushions and among other functions help to absorb impact. Each one is filled with fluid and is made up of an inner nucleus pulposus surrounded by an annulus fibrosis which allows the disc to withstand various forces and also helps to draw water into the discs. Bulging discs are common as we age as the fluid in the discs begins to dry out and can be present on CT scans but don't necessarily always cause pain. It's usually when the disc is compressing a spinal nerve that people experience back pain and or nerve pain radiating down the legs and sometimes numbness in the feet. ...
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