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Prioritising Pilates In Your Life

prioritising pilates Feb 20, 2021
Photo by IvelinRadkov
Almost 11 years ago now I had the unforgettable experience of hearing Li Cunxin speak at my Pilates association conference.  Author of the book "Mao's Last Dancer", which was also made into a film, he shared his remarkable story of being selected at age 11, to leave home and train full-time as a ballet dancer with the Beijing Dance Academy.  He defected to the United States and went on to become one of the greatest dancers in the world, with an international career, including Principal Dancer with The Australian Ballet.  So you can imagine what a privilege it was for Li to agree to speak at our Pilates conference in front of around 200 Pilates teachers.  Why did he agree to do this?  He took time out of his busy life as a stockbroker, because after being diagnosed with herniated discs in his lower back,  he was advised it was the end of his dancing career.  He took up Pilates and attributed this...
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