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Want To Be Pain-Free? Check These 5 Things to Reduce Pain Now

5 ways to reduce pain Jun 30, 2019
Pilates is perfect for assisting many people to take control of their health and live pain-free lives. For some people, however, the results can be slower with more flare-ups along the way.  What other factors could be influencing this?
Here are 5 key areas to examine in your daily life to ensure you are giving yourself the best opportunity possible to be pain-free. Sometimes just a small change to your daily habits can significantly decrease pain levels.
Ensuring you have consistent levels of high-quality sleep is essential for good health. Research has confirmed that inadequate sleep can significantly increase pain levels, as we become less resilient to pain with insufficient rest, magnifying the pain level. Unfortunately, if you are in pain, sleep can be difficult but relaxation in the form of breathing or meditation techniques, to calm the nervous system before sleep, can really assist in achieving better quality sleep.
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