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My Organic Day On A Plate

organic lifestyle Sep 07, 2019

In my last post, I looked at 5 ways to improve our health that would complement our Pilates training and one of these was to reduce the consumption of processed foods.  While you are focussing on this by increasing your fruit and vegetable intake, should you choose organic or conventional produce? What is the difference? In today's post, I look at the benefits of an organic lifestyle and show you my typical organic day on a plate.

Why Choose  Organics?
After attending a health retreat in 2009,  I made the decision to switch to an organic diet.  After hearing the evidence of the numerous benefits of organics and the shortcomings and potential harm by consuming conventional products, I was completely convinced it's the best investment I can make for my health.  Try researching this for yourself as it's important to feel confident in your decision if you choose to adopt this lifestyle.  One of my clients who also has an organic diet, was telling me how her...

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