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Pilates Online - The New Normal?

pilates online Jun 14, 2020

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Maybe I'm naive, but of all the potential threats our planet could have faced, a pandemic wasn't something that I'd ever envisaged.  The 2016 feature film "Pandemic" is described as an American science fiction thriller, yet suddenly what should have remained science fiction has now become our reality.  Covid-19 has been devasting on both a humanitarian and economic level in varying degrees in almost every country around the world.  Our way of life has changed, requiring us to adapt to this new normal and the way we do Pilates is no exception to these changes.  As many Pilates studios are preparing to re-open now as restrictions ease, does that mean the end of Pilates online?

What Does Pilates Online Mean?
When Pilates studios were forced to close in March this year, Pilates instructors around the world scrambled to come up with online options for their clients as quickly as possible.  The first option is live classes on either Skype or...

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What is an Online Pilates Studio?

Recently while catching up with old friends for the first time in 2 years we shared stories of our current career projects.  They were intrigued to learn about  JS Mind Body Pilates, my Online Pilates Membership site which is an Online Pilates Studio. Why did I create it when I'd already had a bricks and mortar studio for the past 15 years?  Who is it for and how does it work?  Here are the answers  to some of those questions:

What is an Online Pilates Membership Site?
It's basically an Online Pilates Studio which is a library of continually expanding videos personally designed and presented by me and is accessible 24 hours a day.  One of my clients recently said the Online Studio felt like I was in the room with her telling her what to do, just like I do in the bricks and mortar studio.  There are 6 courses: Pilates Basics, Intermediate Course, Advanced Course, Exercises for All Levels, Pre-Natal Pilates and  Post-Natal Pilates.
It starts at...

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