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Fabulous Feet With Pilates

pilates & feet May 29, 2021

Due to the number of questions I've received since my last blog post about foot issues and Pilates, I will delve more deeply into feet in this post and look at why it's so important to maintain strong, flexible feet, especially as we age.  I'll explain why good foot health is essential not only for our feet but for everything above them in our bodies.  I'll also share some simple but effective foot exercises you can start doing straight away and incorporate easily into your daily life.

Why are strong healthy feet so important?

Joseph Pilates instinctively knew that our feet were a neglected part of our bodies that we needed to incorporate into our exercise sessions.  Our feet require as much care and attention as the rest of our bodies so he created specific pieces of small equipment to improve their strength and alignment and most of his exercises include a foot connection.  Feet are complex structures and can be rigid for weight-bearing activities but can also...

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