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How Does Movement Heal?

movement heals Jan 11, 2020

Joseph Pilates said "Change happens through movement and movement heals." Many people recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery are still following the outdated idea of "resting" or avoiding movement at all costs and genuinely believe they are giving their body the best chance of recovery.
In 2020 this is, unfortunately, a misguided approach and numerous studies have been conducted that have shown the enormous benefit that movement contributes towards healing.  There are of course some exceptions to this rule and movement should be avoided for conditions such as fractured bones and spinal cord injuries among others for example.  As always you should seek advice from a medical practitioner before commencing a movement program to ensure that movement is appropriate for your condition.

What Is Movement?

Movement is essential for our wellbeing and our survival as a species.  Once we have lost our ability to move through injury, for example, we become completely reliant...

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