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What Is Fascia?

pilates & fascia Nov 30, 2019
Fascia is something that is a mystery to most people and that's hardly surprising considering that until quite recently it was just as mysterious to scientists and researchers too.

Originally, during dissections of cadavers in the anatomy lab, fascia was regarded as little more than ‘packing material’ and discarded in order to get to the so-called “important structures” below.  The First International Fascia Conference was held as recently as 2007 at Harvard Medical school and since then ongoing research has emphasized the importance of the role fascia plays in the body. 

What Role Does Fascia Play In The Body?
As well as giving the body its shape and support, fascia is a medium of communication between all the systems of the body and is richly supplied with proprioceptive nerves that communicate with the brain. Due to its plasticity, fascia shapes our posture and movement, is both...
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