(gtag.js) Why Choose Pilates? How to be Fit and Healthy at Any Age

Pilates & Incidental Movement

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We've all found ourselves looking at the clock only to realise we've been sitting, working on the computer for far too long and are beginning to stiffen up and zone out.  It's a similar feeling to sitting passively in the car on a long journey.  On arrival at our destination, it always feels so good to finally move around and feel the blood pumping around our bodies again.
Heart disease and type 2 diabetes are just some of the health risks involved with inactivity.  However, in a world where we are constantly being encouraged to move less as everything becomes more automated, we need strategies we can put in place to ensure we don't get caught in this dangerous cycle of inactivity.  If we divide movement into two categories, planned, such as Pilates and incidental such as taking the dog for a walk, it will help us see areas where we can discreetly factor in some more movement into our daily lives.  We will also look at how Pilates...
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