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JS Mind Body Pilates Online FAQ

pilates online faq Dec 14, 2019
Online Pilates studios are still a fairly recent concept.  In order to help you understand exactly how my site JS Mind Body Pilates actually works,  here are some of the answers to the questions I'm commonly being asked:

"I've never done Pilates before.  Does your site really cater for absolute beginners?"

Yes, it caters to all levels but it's definitely for absolute beginners.  From what I've seen on YouTube and other similar Pilates sites, many online courses encourage people to launch straight in at what they call beginner level but it is actually too advanced for beginners.  Many people I've talked to find this quite daunting and it can be potentially dangerous as it doesn't take into account your individual circumstances.  There are clear pathways & courses within my site so you can work at the level that is appropriate for you.  It starts at the very beginning with breathing techniques and learning how to connect your abdominal...

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