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Building Healthy Bones - A Pilates Perspective

Why are Healthy Bones so Important?

Many people don't realise that bone is living, growing tissue that is constantly changing and adapting in response to the forces placed on it. Bones allow for movement as they act as attachment sites for muscle tendons and as the muscle contracts it pulls on the bone which facilitates movement.  Bones also have a protective function such as the rib cage which protects the heart and lungs and the skull which protects the brain.  Among other functions, they are also a storehouse for minerals such as calcium and phosphorus which are released as needed by the body.  Maintaining bone mineral density should be an important consideration when choosing an exercise program as brittle or porous bones known as Osteoporosis can lead to fracture.  Bones are our internal framework and Pilates is ideal for maintaining good bone health as long as the exercises selected incorporate weight-bearing and resistance. 

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