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Does Pilates Produce Perfect Posture?

pilates & posture Jan 23, 2021

Photo by nensuria

During my early teens, before discovering Pilates, poor posture was a huge issue for me.  Due to a sudden growth spurt, a few months before my 12th birthday I was already 170 cm or 5 feet 7 inches tall when I started high school.  Towering over my friends & classmates, I was incredibly self-conscious & felt like a giant.  I took the one and only option available to me.   Shrinking & looking smaller.  How could I possibly do this you ask?  By leaning my upper body backward and sinking down through my chest and then slumping and leaning at every available opportunity.  Basically, in a ridiculous attempt to disappear into the crowd, I had created a postural nightmare for myself.  Looking back on photos during those years, it's very clear, I hadn't grown into my body yet.  Fortunately, it was reasonably short-lived and starting dance classes at 14 was a big plus for my posture and my confidence. ...

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