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Client Spotlight - My Eldest Pilates Client

Currently, I have clients in my studio in all age groups but my eldest client is 78 years young and just happens to be my Mum, Pam.
Recently I asked her to reflect on what  Pilates means to her and to describe the positive changes she has experienced since she first began her practice.

What was your first experience of Pilates?
Well, it was probably a very different experience to the usual as I was used as a guinea pig while you were completing your Pilates training at University in 2004. You taught me the basics and then practiced various new exercises and techniques on me. I suppose we were both learning together. I found the exercises interesting and I was amazed when I saw an improvement in the chronic sciatic pain I'd suffered for years. 

How often do you practice Pilates?
Daily, but this wasn't always the case. Since 2004 I've made the mistake of thinking that I could take a break from Pilates because  I felt great. I've since discovered that its necessary to...

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