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Is Your Pilates Teacher Qualified & Up To Date?


Having just uploaded my CEC evidence to the APMA website a little over 3 weeks ago to meet the March 31 deadline, it occurred to me that the majority of people don't realise the ongoing education that is required for qualified Pilates instructors to satisfy association membership requirements. It's one thing to pass exams for admittance into the Association and another to maintain membership with compulsory continuing or ongoing education.
As a member of the Australian Pilates Method Association since February  2005,  following completion of my Post Graduate Certificate in the Pilates Method at the University of Technology Sydney, I am required to complete 36 hours of CECs or Continuing Education Credits in each 3 year period, with 1 point for each hour.

Why is Continuing education necessary for Pilates Practitioners?

Once Pilates Practitioners have completed their initial course of study this is considered to form the foundation of their training,...
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