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4 Health Conditions Pilates Can Help You Prevent


While studying to be a Pilates teacher back in 2004 one of my course requirements was to observe experienced Pilates instructors working with their clients.  This was a wonderful learning experience and at one particular studio,  I was in awe of the number of clients who were successfully managing a major health condition thanks to Pilates.  The majority were long-term clients of around 10 - 15 years.  This makes sense because if Pilates was allowing them to live a full, enjoyable life pursuing their passions such as playing with their grandkids, travelling and playing tennis or golf, why would they stop?  I've since had the same experience with my own clients who also discovered that Pilates was their secret weapon against so many preventable conditions and have made Pilates a way of life.  Here are the 4 most common conditions that I help prevent or manage in my studio:


Maintaining bone health is not usually a priority for most...

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