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Pilates & Self Care

pilates & self care Sep 06, 2020

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Making your own health and fitness a priority is not selfish, but vital, not only for yourself but also for the people who rely on you for love and support.  We've all heard the old saying cautioning us to take care of ourselves first, as we can't pour from an empty cup.  Well, actually you can try and many of us are constantly ignoring warning signs and pushing beyond our limits.  However, continually giving to others when you are completely emotionally and physically depleted yourself leads to both short and long term health issues.  A wise practitioner once used a very effective analogy when she said told me it was like continually adding charges to a credit card for years on end without making any repayments. There will come a day when you will have to repay the debt you have amassed or take the consequences of losing your house or declaring bankruptcy.  In other words, if you neglect your own health needs, you are...
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