(gtag.js) Why Choose Pilates? How to be Fit and Healthy at Any Age

Why Do I Need Pilates? I'm Already Very Active

For about  20 years now I have regularly seen an older woman who I will call Sarah on her daily walk in the streets near my home.  My mother occasionally has a brief neighbourly chat with her and walking is her passion and only form of exercise. Once she mentioned a painful shoulder injury she was dealing with and my Mum suggested Pilates. No, she wasn't prepared to try anything crazy like that but would increase her time spent walking. Now, don't get me wrong,  I'm a huge fan of walking, it has so many physical and mental benefits and can be a wonderful way to keep fit, but making it your only form of body maintenance is inadequate. Having observed Sarah over the years, she is living proof of this.  It's not surprising she has a shoulder injury as her posture has steadily deteriorated over the years and she is hunched forward so it is difficult for her shoulders to function efficiently. Her ankles and calf muscles have tightened considerably giving her a...

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