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Client Spotlight - Meg's Pilates Journey

pilates & knee pain Sep 20, 2020
When Meg started Pilates with me back in May 2016 she was experiencing knee, back and hip pain which was interfering with her ability to enjoy life completely.  Her husband Bruce had been attending my studio for many years with great results travelling from quite a distance, so when they moved closer it was the perfect opportunity for Meg to begin her Pilates journey too.  Meg is a very young 68 year old with a wide variety of interests including challenging group walks, dancing, attending theatre and art exhibitions as well as travelling both within Australia and overseas.
As a hands-on grandmother of 3 young children, Meg needs to be able to care for and keep up with her grandchildren as well  participate in and enjoy her activities.
Pilates has assisted her to take control of her pain and she now has the tools to manage any flare ups with home practice.  Meg was a little surprised when I asked her if she would be willing to share her Pilates ...
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