(gtag.js) Why Choose Pilates? How to be Fit and Healthy at Any Age

Pilates for Awesome Ageing

Why Do We Associate Ageing With Such Negativity?
We've all seen 90-year-old gymnasts and 100-year-old ballroom dancers on social media who are extremely fit and agile and appear much younger than their years. But why is this the exception rather than the norm? There are many factors that contribute to a long healthy life such as genetics, diet, exercise and a positive mindset. Many people automatically fear ageing and associate it with a massive decline in health and well being and a restriction on all the activities that they previously enjoyed.  I have heard healthy 50-year-olds declare that old age is a terrible thing as they attribute any pain or stiffness to the ageing process. Sadly, for some people who are suffering from a debilitating and serious illness that severely impacts their quality of life, there are limitations they face which leaves them with very little control to improve their situation.  The majority of the population who are in good health,...
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