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Pilates for Awesome Ageing

Why Do We Associate Ageing With Such Negativity?
We've all seen 90-year-old gymnasts and 100-year-old ballroom dancers on social media who are extremely fit and agile and appear much younger than their years. But why is this the exception rather than the norm? There are many factors that contribute to a long healthy life such as genetics, diet, exercise and a positive mindset. Many people automatically fear ageing and associate it with a massive decline in health and well being and a restriction on all the activities that they previously enjoyed.  I have heard healthy 50-year-olds declare that old age is a terrible thing as they attribute any pain or stiffness to the ageing process. Sadly, for some people who are suffering from a debilitating and serious illness that severely impacts their quality of life, there are limitations they face which leaves them with very little control to improve their situation.  The majority of the population who are in good health, however,  have never had as much information and tools at their disposal, thanks to modern research and the Internet, to educate themselves on how to maintain their health and fitness through every stage of life. It's each individual's responsibility to maintain their own health and fitness to the best of their ability for themselves,  their loved ones and society as a whole.  If we achieve this the 90-year-old gymnasts and 100-year-old ballroom dancers would be something we would see every day rather than being a rarity.

Pilates is Perfect for Maintaining Amazing Health and Fitness Throughout Life
A few years ago, one of my clients was approaching her 70th birthday and wanted to keep it a secret from her fellow classmates who were slightly younger.  She loved Pilates and had experienced life-changing results over the past 8 years. She pulled me aside as something had been bothering her. She wanted to know if there was a cut-off age for Pilates and with 70 looming would that be the end of Pilates for her?  I had taken it for granted that she knew Pilates was a form of movement to be continued right to the end of life. She was enormously relieved to be reassured of this as Pilates was a way of life for her and not something she was willing to give up.
Pilates is particularly beneficial as we age as it incorporates core stability, resistance exercises which can be varied in weight, balance training and helps to maintain the integrity of the joints as most of the exercises are low impact. Pilates is also ideal for those who want to commence exercising in their later years as the exercises can be modified to individual needs.

Become Stronger and Fitter As You Age With Pilates
Many people envision a mythical age, which is different for everyone when they believe their fitness level is declining and that it's all downhill for them from there. I would strongly urge anyone who thinks like this to change your mindset now. Thoughts are things and if you think you are rapidly ageing you are.  All the elderly gymnasts and ballroom dancers etc who are active, fit and healthy say they feel much younger than their years and are constantly looking for new challenges.  I currently have Pilates clients in their 60s who tell me they wished they had been as fit as they are now in their 20s and there is no stopping them. Each time they think they have plateaued or they can't improve their fitness any further, I introduce a new challenge and without fail they reach the next level. The only limits you experience are those you put on yourself.  Pilates really is a way of life and once you have experienced the enormous benefits you will want to keep experiencing those benefits throughout your entire life.  If you haven't already started Pilates,  take advantage of the free 10-day trial now, here on my site JS Mind Body Pilates and experience the life-changing benefits of Pilates for yourself.  If you have any  Pilates questions please don't hesitate to contact me.  I'm here to guide you on your Pilates journey!

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