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Protect Your Mental Health With Pilates

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Although there is so much more awareness and openness around mental health issues nowadays, there is still a long way to go with this once misunderstood, taboo topic.  It is now widely accepted that a mental health issue is just as valid as a physical one and requires appropriate treatment.  Many of my clients start Pilates with the goal of not only improving their physical fitness but also assisting with the management of their anxiety or depression or preventing dementia as they age.  The stresses of modern life,  particularly with the added strain of a pandemic, can really challenge our mental health and it's important that we monitor our stress levels and seek solutions if needed.  Joseph Pilates said, "It is the mind itself that shapes the body."  He designed his unique method of movement to incorporate a mind-body connection and Pilates is as much a mental workout as it physical.  In his book "Caged Lion," ...
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