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Pilates - Perfect For Pre & Post Surgery

Photo by Dean Mitchell

Being faced with the prospect of requiring surgery can be a daunting experience for many people.  The more physically and mentally prepared you are in the lead up can really assist with the initial surgery and recovery period and Pilates ticks all the boxes for this.  Over the years, many of my clients have practiced Pilates to avoid surgery and for the vast majority, this has been enormously successful.  With appropriate strengthening based on individual needs, many people have been able to delay or completely eliminate the need for surgery such as spinal or joint replacement surgery for example.  However, for some people,  surgery really is the only option to allow them to live their best life possible or in some cases, save their life.  If this is the case, Pilates is the perfect preparation in the lead up to surgery and is then equally beneficial for effective recovery.

Pilates & Elective Surgery

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