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Achieve your Pilates and Health Goals for 2019

Its hard to believe yet another year is drawing to a close and amidst all the celebrations, many of us will be thinking about our New Year's  Resolutions. If you are anything like me,  you start off with the best of intentions but usually, these somehow get lost along the way after the holiday period ends and the reality of the everyday working life sets in. Come mid-year, most people have completely forgotten about New Year altogether and any resolutions they may have made are a dim memory.
For this reason, I prefer to set written goals as opposed to making resolutions and based on past experience this really method produces results.

Reflection  Time
Find somewhere quiet where you can reflect on how you feel about your health and fitness during this previous year and ask yourself some questions.  Be as honest as you can with yourself in your responses. Am I happy with where I am physically and mentally? Am I  dealing with any pain or discomfort that I have...

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