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Pilates - Only For The Rich & Famous?

Recently one of my clients of 10 years was running late for her session as she dealt with an urgent phone call from her brother about a family issue.  Finally, she told him she really had to go as she should have been at Pilates 10 minutes ago.  "Pilates?!"  he said "Isn't that only for the rich and famous!? "
"No! Definitely not!" she said.  It was so funny to hear her say that, as this was a commonly held belief several years ago and after some quick checks, a myth that is alive and well.  So why does Pilates have this reputation, and how much truth is in this belief?  Here are some of the reasons why the Pilates method of exercise came to be associated with the celebrity lifestyle and why it was originally designed for everyday people to enjoy its life-changing benefits. 
Which Celebrities Practice Pilates? 
The list of well-known people who are adopting a Pilates lifestyle is continually growing and recently in the...
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