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Pilates & Our Children

pilates for children Nov 16, 2019

Joseph Pilates' dream was to have his method of exercise taught in every school and every hospital around the USA,  if not the world.  All these years later he could never have imagined how popular his unique method of exercise would become,  but in the modern world,  the need for children's  Pilates classes has never been greater.  Many of my clients who started Pilates well into adulthood have often commented that they wished they had the opportunity to learn these valuable Pilates skills and been educated on how to move their bodies more efficiently as children and their lives would have been so much easier.

"Civilization Impairs Physical Fitness" - Joseph Pilates
Unfortunately, many children are just as sedentary as adults now, due to their overuse of electronic devices.  Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, carer or a concerned friend, we all owe it to the younger generation to guide and encourage them to move as much...

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