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Breathe & Stay Calm!


One of my lovely clients presented me with an amazing Christmas gift last year.  It was a custom made cut out wooden sign,  that said: "Breathe".  She said I was always talking about the importance of breathing,  so she thought this would be a perfect addition to my Pilates studio.  I was overwhelmingly touched by her thoughtfulness and her treasured gift is now on display in my Pilates studio as a constant reminder to everyone just how important breathing really is, not just at Pilates, but it's essential for life itself.  In these uncertain times, with a COVID-19 pandemic that attacks the respiratory system, sweeping the world, being in control of your breath has never been more important.  In this post, I will share with you, a very simple but effective breathing technique to help you maintain calm at this difficult time.

As Joseph  Pilates said 'Breathing is the first act of life and also the last.  Our very life depends on...

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