(gtag.js) Why Choose Pilates? How to be Fit and Healthy at Any Age

Pilates for Prevention - Future Proof your Body

Early Years

In 1928, Joseph Pilates emigrated to the USA from Europe and coincidentally opened his studio in the same building as the New York City Ballet.  The dancers of the company were among his clientele and they discovered that his Method was ideal for rehabilitating their many dance-related injuries. Soon his exercises became part of the dancers daily strength and conditioning routine, for ultimately preventing injury and future-proofing their bodies and in this case, careers. 

Pilates for Prevention Today

Now practiced worldwide, the Pilates Method is ideal for preventing injury, not only in the dance world but can be extremely beneficial to both elite and amateur athletes of all ages. There are numerous benefits for the general population who want to enjoy a high quality of health and fitness throughout their lives and remain fit and active during retirement. As is the case in my own studio, many people use Pilates as an alternative to surgery such as joint...

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