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Living In Lockdown? Pilates to the Rescue!

pilates in lockdown Apr 04, 2020

Photo by DaniloAndjus

Life has certainly changed dramatically for everyone since my last blog post, as we live our lives in lockdown in a bid to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  On a personal level, my physical Pilates studio has now closed temporarily and I have offered my clients' Pilates sessions on Skype.  For those who aren't already members,  I have suggested they join JS Mind Body Pilates my Online Pilates studio.  The main priority is that my clients are able to continue their Pilates training, which is essential for those who rely on Pilates for managing their various health conditions,  until the studio can re-open.  With the situation changing daily,  most of us are dealing with a sense of helplessness as we no longer have control over our daily lives resulting in fear, sadness, anxiety and disturbed sleep.  Some are overwhelmed with working from home whilst supervising and schooling their children.  Others are separated from...

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