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Pilates Balance Training - Essential for Life

How Common Are Falls?

Having good balance can literally save your life. I don't want to scare you but according to the World Health Organisation, each year,  646 000 people die from falls globally of which 80 % are in low and middle-income countries.
Adults greater than 65 years of age suffer the greatest number of fatal falls.
37.3 million falls occur each year that are severe enough to require medical attention.
I could go on but these are pretty sobering statistics. In other words, falls are far too common but on the plus side, they can be prevented and balance can always be improved, so let's look at ways to achieve this.

Why Do We Need To Maintain Our Ability To Balance?

Around the age of 6, walking around the top of my backyard perimeter fence was one of my favourite pastimes. A lap & cap fence provided me with a 12 cm wide platform perfect for 6-year old feet.  I didn't know it at the time but I was challenging my balance and proprioception - my body's ability to...
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