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Pilates and Knee Health

knee injuries pilates Dec 15, 2018

Knee issues and injuries are a debilitating problem for people of all ages, however,  there has been a shocking  70% increase in young Australians having ACL reconstruction surgery over the last 15 years. This is largely due to sports that involve impact and sudden direction changes such as skiing, netball, football and martial arts.  As children's sport becomes more professional and the demands on young bodies more rigorous,  solutions are needed to reduce the rate of knee injury which is also putting them at risk of Osteoarthritis in later life. 
Many of my Pilates clients deal with knee pain at some point in their lives due to a large and varied number of reasons.

How Does Pilates  Offer Solutions?
Pilates provides the perfect tools to assist with stabilizing the knee joint and strengthening the surrounding muscles,  but as muscles don't work in isolation it's necessary to view the body as a whole.  Everything...
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