"I've been doing Pilates for the last 7.5 years and have developed a really strong understanding of my body.  I know more about the interconnection of various muscles and the need for a holistic approach to strength, recovery from injury and pain management.  As a full-time worker and parent of 2 children it has also been a constant activity just for me and ensures that I take some time to focus on what I need.

I'm proud of my ability to manage my back pain and to feel generally stronger. I was told that to manage my back problems that I would need spine surgery.  Through consistent and regular Pilates I've learned to manage and nearly alleviate the pain. 

If I don't do regular Pilates the pain returns, so this is a good reminder to do something every day.  If it wasn't for Pilates I don't think that I would be doing balance squats after my knee arthroscopy or planks after a broken wrist! 

Joanne is supportive and has an incredible way of identifying the best ways to build strength and recover from injuries or chronic pain.  She is able to explain how to do exercises clearly and to enable you to really focus in on the parts of the body that you are working on.  I'm really enjoying using JS Mind Body Pilates online. 

I have a private session with Joanne once a week via Skype and use the on-demand videos in between.  I've particularly found the ways that Joanne describes the exercises really easy to understand and follow.   I also like being able to take Joanne with me on holidays so that I can keep doing my Pilates when I'm away!  This ensures that I can manage all my niggles and keeps me focussed."


 Pilates has enabled me to continue with my favourite activities without pain. Whenever something hurts I now know how to stretch it out instead of having to rest up.  I’m really pleased that I can rise to the challenges Joanne sets for me as I progress and gain proficiency.  For years I struggled with painful knees which prevented me from taking dance classes and completing challenging walks. My knees don’t give me any trouble after strengthening my VMOs and glutes, thanks to Pilates.  I can now actively play with my grandchildren, from giving horse rides on hands & knees to balancing on walls at the park.

Joanne is an extremely caring instructor who really prioritizes your well-being. Exercise programs are individually tailored to target your weakest areas and progress is determined by your ability to achieve without pain.

Individual Skype classes are wonderful. Joanne is still able to improve my technique despite not being present in person. JS Mind Body Pilates online sessions are a convenient way to try different exercises for various body parts at any level. Joanne’s hints and tips have helped me improve my technique and therefore the effectiveness of the exercise. 

I can’t recommend Joanne highly enough. Rarely does one find an exercise specialist who really cares and is genuinely interested in your progress and well-being. 


I have always been an active person, enjoying walking holidays, the gym, and lap swimming. However, I began to experience lower back pain as well as a recurring rotator cuff injury. Since starting a private studio pilates with Joanne in November 2013 I have mostly overcome these issues as well as gaining an appreciation of the importance of doing regular maintenance for the body. I hope to make it a lifelong practice. In 2019 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and JS Mind Body Pilates online was an essential part of my exercise regime and post-surgery recovery. Having the guidance of an experienced Pilates practitioner is also very important in ensuring that the proper technique is used and helping to keep the experience fresh by introducing different exercises as appropriate. I'm proud of myself that I’ve stuck with it for 7 1/2 years! It’s hard to believe it’s been that long! I’ve managed to keep the back pain away and challenge myself in areas I would usually avoid such as balance. Pilates has really helped eliminate the back pain and understand my shoulder issue.

I may have had to give up lap swimming if I hadn’t found a solution for my back pain. I’m now more confident with balance challenges. It feels like Joanne is in the room with me giving me a sense of comfort and familiarity and the videos are so easy to follow. , I love being able to do a session any time that suits me and for as long as I like by choosing one or more videos to follow. There is a huge variety of videos to choose from with new videos added on a regular basis. It’s suitable for all levels of fitness with easy to follow videos guided by an experienced Pilates practitioner. Generally, they are between 10-20 minutes long. Joanne will guide you on how and where to begin and address any physical issues you are concerned about. I started following JS Mind Body Pilates online in December 2019 to rehabilitate from bowel cancer and then, when covid hit in early 2020 we were no longer able to do face-to-face sessions anyway so I continued with JS Mind Body Pilates online which became a natural replacement. I have been following the online sessions solely from December 2019 to the present. Despite this, I am still able to get direct feedback and direction if I have a particular concern. I like the flexibility of being able to choose a video anytime I like. JS Mind Body Pilates not only offers me a huge variety of exercise sessions but is also able to address my particular issues of concern at the time.

Queries are always dealt with quickly and professionally.


Since starting Pilates 15 years ago,  I have become more aware of my fitness.  Working on my core strength has made me stronger and enabled me to stay fit, active, and enjoy life.  I'm proud that I have consistently carved out time every week to focus on my health, no matter how hectic life is. I have learned that I can take an active role in my own well-being. I find that the Skype session every week helps me stay motivated and ensures that I make my health a priority. I am proud of the fact that I have adapted easily to use JS Mind Body Pilates online and the Skype sessions. 

 I started Pilates because of neck and feet issues which were painful and limiting my range of movement. I am reaping the rewards of 15 years of Pilates, I now am pain-free and not limited in the activities I can do. If I hadn't done Pilates I would probably be in pain,  not be able to turn my neck and would not be walking 10,000 steps a day! 

I do regular bushwalks in the Blue Mountains and I have done challenging walking holidays overseas that I would not have contemplated 15years ago. I also have no problems gardening all day or walking my Welsh Terrier.

Joanne is a passionate Pilates instructor who genuinely cares about assisting me to maintain my fitness so that I can be pain-free and in the long term, able to lead an active retirement. She is encouraging and supportive and has steered me into making my health a priority.

She is knowledgeable and adaptable, able to tailor my Skype session to suit how my body feels on any particular day at the same time implementing a program to achieve my long-term personal goals. JS Mind Body Pilates online has a great variety of exercises that can be included in spare moments during the day. I find that the instructions are clear and motivating. Also, new exercises being added regularly which adds interest and challenge. I also think that it is great that Joanne is available any time to suggest specific exercises if I have a problem.

I am one of Joanne's first Pilates clients and the very first online member when the site was launched in September 2018.  Pilates has been a part of my everyday life for 15 years and I am looking forward to continuing to challenge myself in the future.

When I first met Joanne, she took the time to really find out the source of my back problem, so that she could create an exercise plan that would make the most impact over time. It didn’t take long, before I started to notice that I could complete tasks that would have previously caused me discomfort. I strongly believe that I would still be trying to manage this problem 12 years on without Pilates. My back is now pain-free, which has made such a difference and if it does flare up, I have tools I can use to build that strength back up again.
The second problem that I faced was in my feet. An issue I had seen many others about and just had not been able to solve. I was experiencing cramps at least 2 times a week. They were so painful and caused me great anxiety because I never knew when I would have the next problem. Sometimes my feet would cramp when I was swimming, in a shopping centre, wearing certain shoes, basically any time. Working with Joanne, I have managed to strengthen my feet to the point that I now have one cramp every 9-12 months or so. When my foot does cramp, it is less severe. I am also more aware of my foot muscles and how they work, so I can feel a cramp coming on and can stretch my foot using techniques from Pilates to try and prevent the cramp from occurring. The great thing about working with Joanne is that she explains why your body is reacting the way that it is. Having this understanding is such an important key to knowing how to move forward.    

If I hadn’t started Pilates, I think I would still be avoiding tasks in my life that I thought would cause flare ups in my back or cramps in my feet. I have realized that this is no way to live your life. I am now a much more active person. I love exercising. Pilates has really helped my confidence in general.    

I couldn’t recommend Joanne highly enough. I started Pilates with absolutely no previous experience. I didn’t really know much about Pilates at all. Joanne immediately put me at ease. She has a kind, gentle manner and is very encouraging. She is an excellent listener, and really tailors her programs to the individual needs of each client, working with you to achieve your individual goals. Joanne explains the reasons behind each exercise and gives clear, simple instructions when teaching. She is confident and knowledgeable and really cares for her clients.  The Online Pilates Studio is great if you are busy and can’t get to a class, are traveling, or are in between sessions with Joanne.

I have used the online studio for about 6 months now and it has been such a great tool for me. It is a great way to build on your skills in a guided way. I have used the online studio when I haven’t been able to attend lessons in person. Having the guided videos has helped me to make sure that I am completing each activity properly and using the appropriate equipment. I have found the different levels really helpful, as I can tailor each session I do depending on my areas of need. Joanne has also guided me via email and helped me to target areas of specific concern. I have found the online tool especially helpful while I have been overseas. Whilst away, I have injured my knee. This has been significantly impacting my ability to travel and see new things. Whilst being here, Joanne has created a schedule, using the online videos for me to follow. I have been using this sequence of videos most days and have seen significant improvements and benefits in a short period of time.  

I highly recommend the online Studio as a way to stay on track with your Pilates schedule, making sure you are maintaining the correct technique in order to achieve the best results. 


I always used to exercise and focus on my own body and wellbeing when I was younger but as you age and get busier and then retire I did not do so. Joanne quietly and gently encourages you to focus on yourself with Pilates as a way to support and repair what you need to focus on. When I first met Joanne even before I started with her online course, JS Mind Body Pilates, I had many pain points to my aging body. My neck due to a bad car accident, a substantial Bakers Cyst behind my left knee, osteoarthritis in both knees and sore feet due to bunions and lower back pain.  Doing Pilates at least every second day now has helped me understand that you need to invest time in yourself to improve and maintain your fitness as you age. 

Twelve months ago I had a bi-lateral knee replacement and I know the pre and post-operation went much better than I had hoped for with all the focus I put on my fitness and exercises due to Pilates. The Physiotherapist/s at the rehab stage and my Surgeon commented on my strength. flexibility and fitness level for someone my age.   

I can do the online videos when and wherever I want.  As I travel and also look after my grandchildren in different locations I can do some or all of the videos when it suits me. Plus you can focus on different ones when you have another area of focus. Perfect for this crazy COVID world as you can do the videos at home but Joanne is only an email away for support/suggestions. 

JS Mind Body Pilates online is a well-designed course that you can build on as your fitness levels improve.  The only person you are competing against is yourself. It's a most cost-effective course for the wealth of professional information available.   You never feel you are on your own as Joanne is available for advice. My posture and breathing are so much better and I walk much straighter and am stronger than I have been for years.  The online course can be done by both males and females and even together if that is your need.  Keep up the great work Joanne - we all need you!