If chronic pain is stopping you from enjoying life and you want to become pain-free and move with ease, Pilates could be your solution.  Attend classes in the privacy of your own home or on the go with Joanne a fully qualified, supportive Practitioner with over 16 years of experience.


Whether you are recovering from pain or injury, preparing for or recovering from surgery, or want to improve your fitness, posture, and core stability to remain independent as you age, this unique online Pilates program has been designed by Joanne, specifically for you. 

And the best part, it's available on your time! 

I separate the myths from the facts and share actual case studies of my clients who have achieved life-changing results from my unique Pilates program.  


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"I couldn’t recommend Joanne highly enough. I started Pilates with absolutely no previous experience. I didn’t really know much about Pilates at all.

Joanne immediately put me at ease. She has a kind, gentle manner and is very encouraging. She is an excellent listener, and really tailors her programs to the individual needs of each client, working with you to achieve your individual goals.

Joanne explains the reasons behind each exercise and gives clear, simple instructions when teaching. She is confident and knowledgeable and really cares for her clients. "


"Joanne is a passionate Pilates instructor who genuinely cares about assisting me to maintain my fitness so that I can be pain-free and in the long term, able to lead an active retirement.

She is encouraging and supportive and has steered me into making my health a priority. She is knowledgeable and adaptable, able to tailor my Skype session to suit how my body feels on any particular day at the same time implementing a program to achieve my long-term personal goals."


In 2002 I discovered the power of Pilates myself while recovering from a severe bout of glandular fever (mononucleosis). After being bedridden for 6 weeks with the initial illness, I was left with chronic fatigue syndrome which made running my dance school enormously challenging. Teaching dance to children from 3 -18 years 6 days per week is a high-energy activity and I was literally only getting out of bed to work and then it was back to sleep. Not knowing what the future held was a very daunting feeling. Pilates gave me back my life as I could safely and effectively rebuild my health & fitness and sessions were tailored to my varying energy levels at each session. I became stronger and fitter than ever before and experienced life-changing results. Seeing the possibilities that Pilates provides, I knew I had to become a Pilates teacher so I could help other people to take control of their own health & fitness as I did. 

Movement is life and when we have lost our ability to move we become dependent on others for our very survival. It's become widely accepted in our culture that old age means pain, lack of mobility, and poor quality of life. I reject this false belief, as so many debilitating conditions are entirely preventable with the individualized Pilates training I provide. It's my mission to empower as many people as possible to take control of their own health and fitness through Pilates so they can live a high-quality, healthy life well into their retirement years.  

For more than 16 years now it's been incredibly rewarding for me to assist so many people who are dealing with pain and injury, to successfully transform their lives with Pilates. 

"Joanne is supportive and has an incredible way of identifying the best ways to build strength and recover from injuries or chronic pain.  She is able to explain how to do exercises clearly and to enable you to really focus on the parts of the body that you are working on.  I'm really enjoying using JS Mind Body Pilates online."