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Pilates & the Silver Lining in the Covid Crisis

Life is full of dualities, night and day, black and white, good and bad. It follows then, that amid the Covid-19 devastation of 2020 there are glimmers of hope, unexpected benefits and occasionally even major wins.  Had I looked into a  crystal ball in December 2019 at my life in December 2020 I would have never believed what I saw.  It's almost 9 months now since I started teaching Skype Pilates so I'm going to take a look at all the positives that have resulted from the negativity of the Covid crisis.  Back in March when my bricks & mortar studio was forced to close and we all went into lockdown, I offered Skype Pilates sessions and 3 clients signed up straight away.  From there,  more and more clients wanted to continue their Pilates training on Skype and suddenly I had a live online studio as well as JS Mind Body Pilates, my online Pilates Membership site.
Some clients participate in both these options, while some only do Skype and some only...
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