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4 Observations Of A Pilates Practitioner - My Last 15 years

pilates practice tips Feb 22, 2020

As I approach the upcoming 15 year anniversary of launching my Pilates studio in Sydney Australia, I was looking back at all the observations I've made over the years. The majority of my clients are long term so it has been amazing for me to share in their Pilates journeys but also to be able to narrow down the most effective methods to assist them in achieving their goals.  Here are just a sample of these observations that may be of assistance in improving your own Pilates practice.

Patience & Persistence Really Do Produce Results
Over the years, I've assessed new clients who I thought had the ability and motivation to achieve their Pilates goals with ease only to be surprised and disappointed that they lacked the discipline to follow through.  On the reverse side, I've seen other new clients who were dealing with complex health issues and facing many limitations in life but were determined to apply themselves to Pilates and achieve their goals.  These clients...
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