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Shrinking in Height as You Age? Pilates to the Rescue!

No one likes the idea of shrinking in height as they age but the good news is Pilates can really help you to reach and maintain your full postural potential at all stages of life, especially into your later years. 
We all know the stereotype of the "little old lady" or "little old man" whose body has given in to gravity.  They have shrunken in height with their upper body curled forward, a hump on their upper back and if you add a walking stick and some coke bottle glasses, you have the classic cartoon or fairytale "old person."  Shrinking in height can begin during our 40s, even a little earlier for some people and it's thought we lose approximately  2 cm - 4 cm sometimes more, from our peak height by the end of our lives.  So let's look at why this happens and how you can use Pilates to maintain as much of your peak height as possible, so you can stay, strong, flexible, healthy and lengthened as you age.

Why do we shrink as we age?

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