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JS Mind Body Pilates Online FAQ

pilates online faq Dec 14, 2019
Online Pilates studios are still a fairly recent concept.  In order to help you understand exactly how my site JS Mind Body Pilates actually works,  here are some of the answers to the questions I'm commonly being asked:

"I've never done Pilates before.  Does your site really cater for absolute beginners?"

Yes, it caters to all levels but it's definitely for absolute beginners.  From what I've seen on YouTube and other similar Pilates sites, many online courses encourage people to launch straight in at what they call beginner level but it is actually too advanced for beginners.  Many people I've talked to find this quite daunting and it can be potentially dangerous as it doesn't take into account your individual circumstances.  There are clear pathways & courses within my site so you can work at the level that is appropriate for you.  It starts at the very beginning with breathing techniques and learning how to connect your abdominal muscles, just as you would learn from me in person if you came to my studio and started with an Initial Assessment.  These Pilates Basics are an essential foundation and without them, it's like trying to run before you can walk.  So, yes if you are an absolute beginner JS Mind Body Pilates Online site is perfect for you.  I'm also just an email away if you have any questions along the way.  I'm here to help you and guide you on your Pilates journey.

"When can I watch the videos of the workouts?  Are they available at certain times or can I use them at a time that suits me?

You can access the videos at a time that suits you, they can be viewed 24/7.  There is no limit to the number of times you can watch each video.

Can I access all the videos at all times? 

Yes. This enables you to change courses easily as you progress or your circumstances change.  For example, if you are pregnant and following the Pre Natal course, you can then switch to the Post Natal Course after the arrival of your baby.  Likewise,  if you are an elite athlete or sportsperson and develop an injury you can then transition from the Advanced Course back to the Basics Course during the rehabilitation period.

Do I need an internet connection to access the site?

Yes, an internet connection is required to log in and view the Library of videos on any computer or mobile device.

Is there a Mobile App available?

Yes, you can download the Kajabi App from either App Store or Google Playstore and then use your sign-in details which will take you to my site. 

Do I need equipment to do the exercises?

The majority of the exercises don't require equipment with the exception of pillows and occasionally a chair.  Some exercises require hand weights, ankle weights and resistance bands and sometimes these are optional.  A  Fitball is recommended for the Pre Natal Course but again is not essential as there are a variety of exercises that don't require it.

Once I sign up, am I locked into a contract?

Not at all. If you decide to continue after the free 10 day trial period, the cost is $20.00 AUD per month.  You are billed on a monthly basis, so you can self-cancel at any time. 

What are current members saying?

On 23 June, Belinda Cox  wrote on Facebook:

JS Mind Body Pilates is a fantastic program for anyone; whether you already attend a Pilates studio & want to continue your practice between classes or if you’re unable to commit to regular studio-based classes.
Joanne has made it super easy to get started, with programs for Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced students.
Each program builds your skills carefully, introducing concepts earlier & revisiting them later to extend your skills. Even if you have a lot of experience with Pilates, it’s well worth running through the Beginners program to brush up on your skills before moving further.
It’s awesome to be able to tap into Pilates at a time that suits you & take everything at your own pace. I use the online program in between studio sessions when my body needs a tune-up. I can focus in on any areas that need attention & keep my body feeling great.
If you’re interested in the benefits of Pilates, I can completely recommend the JS Mind Body program!

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