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My Organic Day On A Plate

organic lifestyle Sep 07, 2019

In my last post, I looked at 5 ways to improve our health that would complement our Pilates training and one of these was to reduce the consumption of processed foods.  While you are focussing on this by increasing your fruit and vegetable intake, should you choose organic or conventional produce? What is the difference? In today's post, I look at the benefits of an organic lifestyle and show you my typical organic day on a plate.

Why Choose  Organics?
After attending a health retreat in 2009,  I made the decision to switch to an organic diet.  After hearing the evidence of the numerous benefits of organics and the shortcomings and potential harm by consuming conventional products, I was completely convinced it's the best investment I can make for my health.  Try researching this for yourself as it's important to feel confident in your decision if you choose to adopt this lifestyle.  One of my clients who also has an organic diet, was telling me how her diagnosis of a potentially debilitating autoimmune disease several years ago prompted her to research and then adopt an organic lifestyle including eliminating the use of chemicals in her home which could further compromise her immune system.  She told me she had been recently approached by an acquaintance who had been diagnosed with cancer, for advice on how to adopt an organic lifestyle.  She mentioned that it was a shame that many people, herself included, wait until they are faced with a life-threatening illness before adopting an organic lifestyle.  This was an interesting point as I had initially made the switch to organics to improve my health and hopefully safeguard myself against disease and illness in the future.  However, many people wait until they are in crisis before turning to an organic lifestyle to repair years of an inadequate diet.  Why do we wait until we are given a terrifying life-threatening diagnosis before taking action?  If you are in good health currently, I would suggest you consider following an organic lifestyle now and preserve your good health both for the present and also your future years.

My Typical Day On A Plate

Before breakfast, I start with 1 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in warm water.
7.15 am Breakfast is a bowl of quinoa porridge with blueberries and almond milk.
After a 20 brisk walk, I have a bowl of fresh fruit - red papaya, kiwifruit, apple, banana and also kumquats which are straight from the heavily laden tree in my garden.
Then I have a boiled egg with whatever green vegetable is available such as baby spinach.
Then I head to the Pilates studio and teach until lunchtime. Sometimes I have a low sugar and low-fat nut bar during the morning.

12.15 pm Lunch is sardines with a salad of lettuce, carrot, beetroot, capsicum, cucumber and tomato. Two pieces of toast, one cornbread with avocado and one rice bread with homemade houmous.  

3.45 pm Chamomile Tea with chopped fresh ginger and another boiled egg before heading back into the Pilates studio for the evening session of teaching.

6.00 pm Snack of either almonds,  a nut bar,  (if I haven't already had one that morning) or quinoa crackers with avocado.

8.30 pm Chickpea and Brown Lentil vegetable curry with broccoli on the side, made on the previous weekend, as I finish late and want to have something ready to eat.  Dessert is a homemade cacao ball.

Aren't Organic Products Expensive?

Yes, in general, they are more expensive, but like conventional produce, you can save by looking for specials. Organic Co-ops are also a good option if you are willing to go to the markets every couple of months to buy for your group and this can be very cost-effective.  Also, consider the Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen Lists which is a list of the fruit and vegetables with the least amount of pesticides and then also the most. This list changes from time to time so keep checking for updates.  You can save by purchasing some organic items and some from the Clean 15 list if cost is a consideration for you.  

Let this be post be a good starting point for you in your research if you are considering an organic lifestyle. I highly recommend the benefits and urge you to consider doing it now rather than waiting for a major health crisis.

As Virgil said: "The greatest wealth is health"






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