If I Ignore My Back Pain, Will It Go Away?

pilates for back pain Apr 02, 2022
This woman is trying to enjoy life but back pain is stopping her and she is trying to ignore it. Pilates can help with her become pain-free.


If you are ignoring your back pain and just trying to get on with your life you are not alone.  Sadly, many people suffer in silence as they aren't sure what to do and don't want to rely permanently on pain relief medication.  Many think it is their lot in life and something they will just have to learn to live with.  Some people are fortunate enough to discover Pilates to help them overcome their pain and this is a common conversation I have on a regular basis when assessing new clients.
"How long have you been in pain?"
"About a year now"
"I'm sorry to hear that. What treatments have you tried?"
"Sometimes I take pain relief medication but usually, I just try to ignore it."
"You just pretend your back isn't sore?"
"Yes. I ignore it and hope it will go away"
"And has it?"
"No, it's getting worse..."

Sometimes minor back issues may resolve on their own in the case of sleeping in a bad position or sitting for too long on a car trip.  You may feel uncomfortable for a few days before you are back to normal.  However, when back pain keeps persisting and even progressively worsens for weeks, months and even years on end, ignoring it really is detrimental to your health.  Lets look at why addressing your back pain and finding a solution to moving with ease can greatly improve the quality of your life.  We will also look at why ignoring it is really not a good policy.

Learn to Listen to Your Body


Our bodies are constantly sending us information. These messages include that we are hungry, thirsty, too hot or too cold for example.  When we are in pain it's a warning to us that something needs to be addressed in our bodies.  In some cases, this pain can signal a potentially life threatening illness or infection that requires  immediate attention. If you are living in a state of denial about your back pain and constantly ignoring it, you not only putting yourself at risk of serious illness but are tuning out to your bodies needs on all levels.  It's not only the pain from your back you are ignoring but you are blocking other important messages as well that are necessary for maintaining your mental and physical health.  Practicing Pilates is all about tuning into your bodies needs and learning to listen to what you body is telling you. Your body is constantly talking to you.  Listen to the whispers before they become screams and you will greatly improve the quality of your life.  So this is one of the reasons why ignoring your back pain is so damaging for your overall health and well-being.

Obtain an Accurate Diagnosis

There are so many different causes of back pain which is why it's so important to have an accurate diagnosis.  I also highly recommend that my new Pilates clients, who have yet to be diagnosed, discuss their back condition with their GP who will then arrange the appropriate scans, x-rays etc.  Once you know exactly what you are dealing with it makes it so much easier to treat.  It's also important to rule out that you back pain isn't a symptom of another more serious health issue.  When you have a diagnosis it also allows the most effective Pilates exercises program to be designed specifically for your individual needs.

A Diagnosis Gives Peace of Mind

Many of my clients who were ignoring their back pain found that the longer they ignored the harder it became to take action.  Being in constant pain created a lot of fear and anxiety around what might be causing their back pain and they often imagined worse case scenarios.  Having an accurate diagnosis is an enormous relief which puts their mind at rest that their back pain wasn't something sinister and was entirely treatable. It was like a load had been lifted off them and they were able to put put everything in perspective.  For the minority who have a life changing diagnosis, while confronting to face initially, it can also give a sense of relief that they finally know what is going in in their body and can investigate options for treatment.  Either way, knowledge brings clarity and allows you to be proactive and take control of your own health and fitness.

You Can Work Towards Finding  a Solution

Once you have that diagnosis you can then look at which treatment options might be most suitable for you.  Many people choose Pilates to help them become pain-free from back pain because it is so empowering.  I've assisted hundreds of people over the years  to take control of their back pain with Pilates.  My unique online Pilates studio is specifically designed to help you recover from pain and injury.  Once you have your diagnosis we can schedule an Initial Assessment.  In this 1 on 1 session via Skype I would look at your past medical history, your movement patterns and do a postural assessment.  I would then teach you how to connect your abdominal muscles and we would then discuss what your goals are for Pilates.  In this case the first priority for most people who have back pain is to become pain-free and that's what we work towards.  Many types of back pain respond well to Pilates training and once you have become pain-free, you are also equipped with the Pilates skills you need to manage any flare-ups and so you remain pain-free.  Going from being in denial about your back pain to taking control of your pain through Pilates is such an empowering feeling and one so many of my clients have already experienced.

"When I first met Joanne, she took the time to really find out the source of my back problem, so that she could create an exercise plan that would make the most impact over time. It didn’t take long, before I started to notice that I could complete tasks that would have previously caused me discomfort. I strongly believe that I would still be trying to manage this problem 12 years on without Pilates. My back is now pain-free, which has made such a difference and if it does flare up, I have tools I can use to build that strength back up again."  Katy Richardson, JS Mind Body Pilates client.

If you are ready to start listening to your bodies needs and take control of your back pain with Pilates click here to learn more about my online studio and how you can start working with me.  Alternatively contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions about my online Pilates program.  It would be my pleasure to assist you on your journey to pain-free living!




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