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Back Pain towards Black Belt - A Pilates Journey


Belle started Pilates with me in June 2009 when our then mutual Osteopath, who thought we would work well together, referred her to me for Pilates rehabilitation. 
Suffering from debilitating lower back pain caused by a Lumbar Disc Bulge (an injury from gardening), she had been reliant on a walking stick at times, was often bed-ridden and unable to work. 
At 33 years old she should have been enjoying life. Osteopathy was providing relief but she needed to strengthen her core and stabiliser muscles. Having previously tried Pilates at another studio with disappointing results, Belle was open to something new but also a little hesitant due to her negative experience. 
She was extremely motivated to take control of her pain and learn how to manage her condition. She readily absorbed all the information I gave her including a home program which she diligently stuck too on a daily basis. Pretty soon she was making amazing progress, and while there were...
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Why Choose Pilates? Fitness For Every Stage Of Life

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2018

As I set of on my walk this morning I noticed an elderly woman, lets call her Eva, ahead of me on the footpath with a walking stick pulling a shopping trolley behind her obviously heading for the local shops a couple of blocks away. She was struggling to walk in a waddling, side to side movement and was clearly in pain. At every second house Eva would stop sit and rest on the front fence for a minute or so before continuing on. Walking was clearly difficult and her joints looked painful and stiff, this daily activity of walking had become a major issue for her.
When I see people in Eva’s situation I want to help them and let them know for the vast majority, there is another way! Unfortunately in our culture it is widely accepted that ageing involves pain, loss of fitness and lack of mobility but it’s not true! This is where Pilates comes in. This unique method of exercise strengthens from the inside out by developing core stability and can be tailored to any fitness level...

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