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Client Spotlight - Graham's Pilates Transformation

client spotlight Feb 09, 2020
Graham started his Pilates journey with me in May 2007 after his wife Joanna, who had already been practicing  Pilates with me for just over a year, started to experience life-changing results and you can read Joanna's story here.  When Joanna became pain-free with Pilates she began to envision her future filled with amazing experiences and travel adventures such as walking tours in various locations around the world.  I shared her enthusiasm for her new life filled with possibility but raised an important point with her  "What about Graham? He doesn't do any exercise and he has back pain.  You don't want to use your newly gained fitness to push him around in a wheelchair in your old age."  Joanna's face said it all as she realised Graham could prevent them from enjoying an active future of travel.  Less than a week later Graham booked in for an Initial Assessment with me,  and in February 2020,  as he is about to...
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Pilates - Only For The Rich & Famous?

Recently one of my clients of 10 years was running late for her session as she dealt with an urgent phone call from her brother about a family issue.  Finally, she told him she really had to go as she should have been at Pilates 10 minutes ago.  "Pilates?!"  he said "Isn't that only for the rich and famous!? "
"No! Definitely not!" she said.  It was so funny to hear her say that, as this was a commonly held belief several years ago and after some quick checks, a myth that is alive and well.  So why does Pilates have this reputation, and how much truth is in this belief?  Here are some of the reasons why the Pilates method of exercise came to be associated with the celebrity lifestyle and why it was originally designed for everyday people to enjoy its life-changing benefits. 
Which Celebrities Practice Pilates? 
The list of well-known people who are adopting a Pilates lifestyle is continually growing and recently in the...
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How Does Movement Heal?

movement heals Jan 11, 2020

Joseph Pilates said "Change happens through movement and movement heals." Many people recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery are still following the outdated idea of "resting" or avoiding movement at all costs and genuinely believe they are giving their body the best chance of recovery.
In 2020 this is, unfortunately, a misguided approach and numerous studies have been conducted that have shown the enormous benefit that movement contributes towards healing.  There are of course some exceptions to this rule and movement should be avoided for conditions such as fractured bones and spinal cord injuries among others for example.  As always you should seek advice from a medical practitioner before commencing a movement program to ensure that movement is appropriate for your condition.

What Is Movement?

Movement is essential for our wellbeing and our survival as a species.  Once we have lost our ability to move through injury, for example, we become completely reliant...

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Time For A New 10 Year Health Plan?

As we leave 2019 behind and head towards a new decade in 2020, this is the perfect opportunity for a more detailed analysis of your health and fitness goals, not only for the coming year but for the entire decade ahead.
Many years ago now, a friend and colleague revealed to me that he was 4 years into his "10 Year Health Plan".   Initially,  I was quite amazed as I was used to setting goals with a 1, 2 or even 3-year timeline,  so 10 years seemed just a bit too organised for me.  Now, as a huge fan of mindfulness,  I'm all for living in the moment however after considering the benefits he received from his plan, I became convinced of the advantages.  There are some things in life you really don't want to leave to chance!

Why Do I Need A 10 Year Health Plan?
As maintaining our health and fitness is something that requires gradual and consistent efforts, you don't want to wake up one day and realise you are failing to maintain your health and rapidly...

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JS Mind Body Pilates Online FAQ

pilates online faq Dec 14, 2019
Online Pilates studios are still a fairly recent concept.  In order to help you understand exactly how my site JS Mind Body Pilates actually works,  here are some of the answers to the questions I'm commonly being asked:

"I've never done Pilates before.  Does your site really cater for absolute beginners?"

Yes, it caters to all levels but it's definitely for absolute beginners.  From what I've seen on YouTube and other similar Pilates sites, many online courses encourage people to launch straight in at what they call beginner level but it is actually too advanced for beginners.  Many people I've talked to find this quite daunting and it can be potentially dangerous as it doesn't take into account your individual circumstances.  There are clear pathways & courses within my site so you can work at the level that is appropriate for you.  It starts at the very beginning with breathing techniques and learning how to connect your abdominal...

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What Is Fascia?

pilates & fascia Nov 30, 2019
Fascia is something that is a mystery to most people and that's hardly surprising considering that until quite recently it was just as mysterious to scientists and researchers too.

Originally, during dissections of cadavers in the anatomy lab, fascia was regarded as little more than ‘packing material’ and discarded in order to get to the so-called “important structures” below.  The First International Fascia Conference was held as recently as 2007 at Harvard Medical school and since then ongoing research has emphasized the importance of the role fascia plays in the body. 

What Role Does Fascia Play In The Body?
As well as giving the body its shape and support, fascia is a medium of communication between all the systems of the body and is richly supplied with proprioceptive nerves that communicate with the brain. Due to its plasticity, fascia shapes our posture and movement, is both...
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Pilates & Our Children

pilates for children Nov 16, 2019

Joseph Pilates' dream was to have his method of exercise taught in every school and every hospital around the USA,  if not the world.  All these years later he could never have imagined how popular his unique method of exercise would become,  but in the modern world,  the need for children's  Pilates classes has never been greater.  Many of my clients who started Pilates well into adulthood have often commented that they wished they had the opportunity to learn these valuable Pilates skills and been educated on how to move their bodies more efficiently as children and their lives would have been so much easier.

"Civilization Impairs Physical Fitness" - Joseph Pilates
Unfortunately, many children are just as sedentary as adults now, due to their overuse of electronic devices.  Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, carer or a concerned friend, we all owe it to the younger generation to guide and encourage them to move as much...

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Client Spotlight - Introducing One Of My Very First Pilates Clients

Recently some of my clients were discussing how long they had been practicing Pilates which led me to wonder which one of my clients had been coming to my studio the longest.  That honour goes to Joanna who has now been coming to Pilates twice weekly since her Initial Assessment with me on 3rd February 2006.  At the time of writing, she has been practicing Pilates at my studio for just over 13.5 years.  At 61 years young, she often says she feels so much fitter and stronger now than she did 15 years ago and she is constantly increasing her fitness all the time. 

She is a perfect example of how patience, persistence and consistency really pay off and Pilates has become a way of life for her.
What Brought Joanna To Pilates?
It was during a very stressful time in her life that Joanna made the decision to start Pilates with me. She had been attending a Pilates mat class but knew she needed something more personalised to achieve her goals.  Having...
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Know Your Body Better - Anatomy Catch-Up

pilates & anatomy Oct 19, 2019
Before commencing my Pilates training I studied Anatomy and Physiology intensively for 1 year which was a prerequisite for my course.  It was fascinating learning about the bones of the skeleton,  the muscles and their origins and insertions and the systems of the body.  It was something I'd always been curious about and this course provided plenty of detail.
It also made me realise just how limited my knowledge was previously and similarly, how little the majority of my Pilates clients know about their bodies when they start out.

What Are The Benefits Of Knowing Your Body Better?
As the Pilates method of Exercise is a mind-body connection, the more you can visualize the various structures of your body the easier it is to connect with them which improves body awareness.  This makes taking control of your body and creating positive change much easier.  The greater your body awareness becomes too, the more likely you are to be able to detect any unusual...
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What's So Unique About Pilates?

pilates is unique Oct 05, 2019

More than 17 years ago I started Pilates when my friend who had already been practicing it for several years told me on multiple occasions that I had to do it too.  When I asked her what it was exactly she couldn't tell me.  Just that it was something that would benefit me greatly, would change my life and I would probably want to become a Pilates Instructor.  What was she talking about?  She also said it would take some time for me to grasp it and not to expect too much to begin with but once I did get it, I would love it. Finally, without  Google to help me back then and no other information I bravely fronted up for an Initial Assessment at an extremely reputable Pilates studio and have never looked back.

Why Was It So Hard For My Friend To Explain What Pilates Is?
Pilates can mean different things to different people.  So I'm going to outline in this post what I believe are the benefits of Pilates that set it apart from other movement or exercise...

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