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my book move free from pain pilates & chronic pain Feb 11, 2024
This is my new book which is available on Amazon from February 15, 2024, called MOVE FREE FROM PAIN - How to overcome chronic pain and take back control of your life through the power of Pilates by Joanne Sutton


This time 20 years ago I was overjoyed to be enrolling at the University of Technology, Sydney, to complete the Graduate Certificate in the Pilates Method. Having achieved life-changing results with Pilates after glandular fever morphed into chronic fatigue syndrome, I was highly motivated to become a Pilates teacher and couldn't have been more committed to my studies. Until this point, my entire career had been in dance and movement. successfully running my dance school for 13 years. Now, I was going to combine my love of movement with healing.  My mission was to help as many people as possible overcome their chronic pain through Pilates and take back control of their lives, just as I had done myself. Fast forward 20 years later, and after assisting hundreds of people to become pain-free through the power of Pilates I'm even more excited than I was 20 years ago - my first book, Move Free From Pain is launching on Amazon on February 15!

Why Write A Book?


My heart sinks when I hear about people who have broken bones due to a fall or see older people in pain who have lost their ability to walk comfortably and every step they take is painful. It doesn't have to be this way!  Pilates is ideal for overcoming and preventing so many painful conditions as we age, including fall prevention, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality life.  My unique Pilates program has proven to produce results by assisting my clients to overcome their chronic pain and take back control of their lives so they can enjoy wonderful retirement years.  Writing a book was the ideal way to ensure an even wider audience could also experience the benefits of these same life-changing techniques. Whether you are just starting out or have several years of Pilates behind you, my book will give you a deeper understanding of the theory and principles of Pilates to enhance your practice to ensure a pain-free life.

Who Is My Book For?

If you are in chronic pain that is impacting your ability to enjoy life, feeling alone, and not sure where to turn for help - my book is for you. When many of my clients start Pilates with me they feel lost and unsure of the future. Their lives are on hold and they feel stuck, searching for a way to overcome their pain and move forward again.  When they reach their goal of becoming pain-free with Pilates the majority of my clients continue with Pilates. Not only have they become pain-free but their lives have been transformed with improved posture, body awareness, and increased strength and flexibility, and they set new goals and continue on their Pilates journey.  A combination of my observations over the past 20 years backed  by research-based evidence, my book is for you If you want to become pain-free, learn to manage pain flare-ups, and prevent further injury as you age,

How Can My Book Help You?


You will learn why Pilates works to help you overcome pain and promote healing as well as the importance of the mind-body connection.  Managing pain without medication is also included as well as practical advice for future-proofing yourself against ageing. All readers will be able to access the bonus videos and PDF guide I've provided to equip you with as many tools as possible that will empower you to overcome pain and take back control of your life. I also share inspirational stories of my past and current clients who have transformed their lives with Pilates often overcoming debilitating pain to achieve goals they previously thought were out of their reach  There are 10 Chapters with an action step at the end of each chapter. One of the first steps in overcoming chronic pain is to calm your system and the first action step is a guided relaxation session using breath and visualisation to help you restore calm. If you are open to positive change, my book can be the beginning of your Pilates journey out of chronic pain and the solution you have been searching for. 


Dedication - To My Gran


I dedicated my book to my Gran who passed away too young at the age of 70 years after suffering a second stroke. She was my strength and my inspiration and losing her shortly before my 17th birthday has left a huge hole in my life that has never been filled. I regret that I didn't have my Pilates knowledge back then which could have prolonged her life. Like so many of her generation, she didn't exercise, smoked, and had a thyroid condition in her younger years which I'm sure wasn't addressed properly at the time.  Overcoming your pain with Pilates, like anything worthwhile, takes time and effort to achieve results but if you are consistent you be rewarded. If you don't do it for yourself, do it for your loved ones. They want you to live a long, healthy life so they can have as much time with you as possible.  While I can't do anything to help my Gran now, what I can do is focus on helping other people move with ease again and age well, so they can enjoy happy, healthy retirement years for themselves and their loved ones.


Exciting Billboard News!


It's just been confirmed that my book will be on a billboard In Times Square, New York City! Yes, you read that correctly! This is incredibly exciting and as I won't be able to go to NYC I will be receiving a video and photos which I will post on social media, so stay tuned to see my book on a Times Square billboard!

Update: My book MOVE FREE FROM PAIN is now available Amazon worldwide!

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