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What's So Unique About Pilates?

pilates is unique Oct 05, 2019

More than 17 years ago I started Pilates when my friend who had already been practicing it for several years told me on multiple occasions that I had to do it too.  When I asked her what it was exactly she couldn't tell me.  Just that it was something that would benefit me greatly, would change my life and I would probably want to become a Pilates Instructor.  What was she talking about?  She also said it would take some time for me to grasp it and not to expect too much to begin with but once I did get it, I would love it. Finally, without  Google to help me back then and no other information I bravely fronted up for an Initial Assessment at an extremely reputable Pilates studio and have never looked back.

Why Was It So Hard For My Friend To Explain What Pilates Is?
Pilates can mean different things to different people.  So I'm going to outline in this post what I believe are the benefits of Pilates that set it apart from other movement or exercise programs and therefore makes it unique.  Sometimes movement-based experiences can be difficult to verbalize but these are some of the reasons the Pilates method is so unique and is currently practiced by millions of people in many countries of the world.

Joseph Pilates Develops His Unique Exercise Method
Originally called Contrology, control over body and mind, Joseph Pilates developed his method of exercise initially to counteract his childhood ill-health.  He wrote several books including Return To Life (1945) that detailed not only his exercise method but included lifestyle and general health advice.  He is considered by many to have been ahead of his time in his recognition of so many aspects of maintaining health and fitness which is more popular now than ever before.

He Understood the Importance of Abdominal or Core Strength
He referred to this area as the Powerhouse or centre and in modern times it is commonly known as the core or inner system.  Pilates believed we should strengthen from the inside out, which includes the stabilizers of the spine and pelvis as opposed to many forms of exercise that focus solely on strengthening the outer or global muscles, the fast-twitch muscles that move us.  Strengthening from the inside out improves posture and balance and establishes a strong, stable foundation and creates a lengthening of the spine which explains why so many people look and feel taller after a Pilates session, which the Pilates method is famous for.

A Mind-Body Connection
You may have noticed that many Pilates associations and studios have names such as PhysicalMind, Body Intelligence and Bright Bodies for example, which reflect the importance of the Mind-Body Connection.  Joseph Pilates strongly emphasized the importance of developing both the body and mind equally and when executed correctly his method is as much mental as it is physical.

What Other Elements Are Unique About Pilates?
Every exercise has a conscious breathing pattern which helps to assist with the abdominal connection,  aids in relaxation and promotes mental focus.
"Above all, learn how to breathe correctly" Joseph Pilates
The Pilates Exercises include both traditional mat work as well as machines with spring-loaded resistance based on Joseph Pilates's original designs.  The exercises can be modified for all fitness levels, adapted for pregnancy and used for rehabilitation as well.  There is an emphasis on maintaining or re-gaining foot fitness and he detailed  6 Principles to be incorporated into Pilates Practice which really encapsulates his method.  Concentration, Control, Flowing Movement, Precision and Breathing.
This Method of Exercise really is unique and my friend was right when she predicted all those years ago that Pilates would change my life and I would become a Pilates Instructor.  Take the free 10 day trial now, self cancel at any time and you too can experience the same life-changing results both my members and myself have been experiencing.  



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