The Incredible Benefits of Virtual Pilates

virtual pilates May 19, 2024
This woman is enjoying a virtual Pilates session in the comfort of her own home


In the past 6 weeks, 2 of my clients were unfortunately struck down by Covid. The clients don't know each other and come from different parts of Sydney but both were quite ill and unable to work.  While their lives were on hold they could still do their regular 1 on 1 virtual Pilates sessions with me which they really appreciated.   Both clients have overcome their back pain through Pilates in the past and are capable of and enjoy challenging workouts.  However, as their immune systems fought to overcome the virus, being challenged wasn't appropriate at this time. Instead, a back-to-basics, therapeutic, restorative movement session focusing on the breath to calm the nervous system left each client feeling relaxed, slightly energised and grateful they hadn't cancelled their session.  In-person sessions in a studio wouldn't have been possible with Covid but virtual PIlates means you can still enjoy your Pilates session without the risk of spreading or contracting a contagious illness. This is just one of the many benefits of 1 on 1 virtual Pilates. It's now more than 4 years since I started teaching virtually and here are some of the other benefits my clients are experiencing,


Cut the Commute


Battling through traffic to get to a Pilates session on time can be stressful. One of my clients had a high-pressure corporate job and it was often a challenge for her to make her 7.00 pm session on time if work issues arose as she was on her way out of the office.  When she was kept back it meant she missed part of the session as she had to change into her exercise clothes on arrival. I always gave her extra time if needed but it then made her night very late getting home. All in all, we made it work but it certainly wasn't a stress-free experience for her. Now she has a new job which is just as demanding but she works from home. Her virtual Pilates session is at 6.00 pm and she can finish work at 5.55 pm and still make it into her living room for her session as she can wear her exercise clothes for work. She then has a leisurely dinner and an early night instead of spending valuable time on the road which is also better for the environment.  As winter approaches in Sydney, the idea of staying warm and cosy indoors while you enjoy your Pilates session becomes even more appealing.


Wear Your Pyjamas


If you are unwell, in chronic pain or just relaxing at home you can wear your most comfortable: "around the house" clothes for virtual Pilates and that includes pyjamas.  As you aren't actually going out in public it's about comfort, not appearance and several of my clients enjoy wearing pyjamas to their sessions.  It's your time and you don't have to dress for others so wear what makes you feel comfortable


 It's 1 on 1 time -  The Ultimate in Self-Care


Having a private virtual PIlates session means all my attention is on you and I ensure you gain the maximum benefit from your session possible. You aren't keeping up with a class or waiting your turn in the studio.  I tailor each session to your individual needs on that day like I did with my Covid clients above.  As your needs change, I adapt the sessions accordingly. It's very personalised and my clients find it is an ideal form of self-care and quality time out from the busy world.


Vary the Session Length to Suit Your Needs


If you are in pain a long Pilates session can be daunting. Virtual Pilates can vary from 15 mins to 60 mins and again it depends on your individual needs.  If you are very unwell 15 mins may be ample but if you are an elite athlete recovering from injury 60 mins may be needed. Driving to a studio to do a 15 min session means you would probably spend more time in the car than at PIlates. If you are in the comfort of your own home 15 mins is practical if that is all you need at that time. It's also flexible when your needs change as you build your strength, you can have a longer session. It's all based on your needs at any given time.


You Can Do Virtual Pilates On Holidays


Last week one of my clients was on holiday on the north coast and while the rest of her family were at the beach she took 30 mins out of her holiday time to do a virtual Pilates session with me. Recently diagnosed with a lumbar disc bulge with nerve impingement she has tingling in her right foot. She is being monitored by a neurosurgeon who is supportive of my client overcoming this with Pilates. Naturally, she doesn't want to miss any sessions while we are working towards this goal and by taking 30 minutes out of her holiday she had peace of mind that she was doing what she could to support her disc and then was able to join her family at the beach straight after the session. 


If you are ready to begin your Pilates journey to pain-free living, my book MOVE FREE FROM PAIN by Joanne Sutton is a great place to start and is available on Amazon worldwide.  If you are ready to start virtual Pilates with me via Skype email me at [email protected] .  Alternatively, you can book a virtual Initial Assessment with me here or  take the free 10 day trial of JS Mind Body Pilates, my online studio which is a library of on-demand videos, and start straight away. .  It would be my pleasure to assist you on your Pilates journey to pain-free living as you age!









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