Dreams Do Come True

pilates & pursuing your dreams Apr 21, 2024
This image is of a billboard in Times Square New York promoting myself and my book


Like most kids, I had big dreams. At an age before I  was concerned about the practicalities of achieving these dreams I was letting my imagination run wild. Inspired by gymnast Nadia Comanechi's incredible; performance at the Olympics, I earnestly devoted myself to my gymnastics training so I could win Olympic gold for Australia. Joining a travelling circus as an acrobat was also a high priority.  Yet another big dream was on the horizon and I never imagined this almost forgotten childhood dream would become a reality one day, many years later.

My Name In Lights

Around the age of 5, I began making up dances and putting on "shows" recruiting my sister and any neighborhood kids willing to participate. As I grew older I learned about a place called Broadway that was the biggest and most famous theatrical centre on earth. It was also a long way from Sydney Australia in a faraway land famous for  Disneyland, the happiest place on earth and home of the Brady Bunch.  My dream was to perform on Broadway and see my name in lights.  While I haven't performed on Broadway, last week, my dream of seeing "my name in lights" on a billboard on Broadway, Times Square, New York City, came true - which is incredibly exciting!  I wasn't featured on the billboard for a dance production, but my book MOVE FREE FROM PAIN was the star. which is all about helping others overcome pain and achieve their own precious dreams through Pilates.

Don't Give Up On Your Dreams

"You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream" C.S Lewis

As we age it's easy to fall into the trap of believing that our best years are behind us. especially if you are suffering from chronic pain.  I strongly encourage you to let go of this limiting belief. Over the past 20 years, I've assisted hundreds of people to become pain-free through Pilates and go on to realise their dreams. Many of these clients had sadly accepted their situation and resigned themselves to a life limited by their pain before they discovered the power of Pilates.  My book is designed to provide a clear pathway out of chronic pain for people who don't know where to turn and have put their lives and dreams on hold. My clients who have overcome their pain through Pilates are living out their dreams and are constantly becoming stronger and fitter as they age.

Real Stories of Dreams Realised


In MOVE FREE FROM PAIN I share real success stories of my clients who I've assisted to achieve their big dreams through Pilates.  Belinda went from debilitating back pain to being awarded a black belt in martial arts. She applied herself diligently to her Pilates training and while there were many setbacks along the way she stayed focussed on achieving her dream. It was an honour to assist her in rekindling her childhood passion for martial arts and see her incredible achievement of becoming a black belt.  Lauren was advised to prepare for life in a wheelchair as her back pain was steadily increasing and her specialist doctors couldn't offer her any practical solutions. She wanted to be pain-free so she could give birth to a baby and after a few years of Pilates she went on to become a mother to 2 healthy children - all without back pain. There are so many more inspiring stories in my book of clients achieving dreams they thought were impossible due to the pain they dealt with daily but were able to overcome through Pilates.


Start Working Towards Your Dreams Now


While you can start Pilates with me at any age, if you have dreams you want to pursue, the ideal time to begin is now. You can begin by reading my book MOVE FREE FROM PAIN by Joanne Sutton which is available on Amazon worldwide. There are action steps and exercises you can implement immediately to begin your journey out of chronic pain as soon as possible. 

You can book your in-depth Initial Assessment with me via Skype. or work independently at your own pace through my library of on-demand videos.  Take the free 10 day trial and start now.  It would be my pleasure to assist you in pursuing your big goals and dreams as you age!

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