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How to Create the Perfect Pilates Practice Space at Home

Despite all our modern conveniences, everyone seems to be busier and more time poor than ever.
Movement, exercise and Pilates in particular is such a vital part of life for so many reasons and having the right set-up can make slotting it into your schedule more manageable on a daily basis. The correct set-up can mean the difference between being able follow through on your Pilates goals or having to abandon them.
Small chunks of time seem to be more acheivable for most of us which is why the majority of the video workouts on my Online Pilates Studio are around 10 minutes in duration.
Today I’m going to share with you some tips that are working successfully for both myself and my clients.
Firstly, I'll look at creating a dedicated space in your home, garage, office or back shed. If you are fortunate enough to have some space that you can set aside permanently for Pilates practice, that's the ideal situation. Make sure there is enough light and you have the ability to control the temperature in the space. If it's not inviting and comfortable you will find that you don't use it.
If you are following my Online Pilates Studio for example, ensure you have internet access or a portable device and you are able to view the screen easily. The next item in order of importance is a supportive Pilates mat. Ensure the mat offers you support and is comfortable, so you don't feel any bones pressing down into the floor. Alternatively, test a few mats in the store before you purchase one, in the same way you would test a mattress as you don't want one that is too thick and spongy and you sink down into it. When you have selected your mat, make sure you have enough space around it to move your limbs comfortably for the exercises you will be performing. Have some supportive pillows close by and keep within reach, any small props you have in your collection such as resistance bands, hand and ankle weights etc. If you have access to a wall as well, that's a bonus as there are foot exercises and roll downs that utilise a wall. 
Secondly, if you don't  have space for a permanent set up, there are some other options that you can use and still create a highly functional set-up.  Take note of areas in your home or office where you could potentially place a mat temporarily that is in close proximity to your computer or portable device and you have room to move comfortably. Then find somewhere close by where you can store the mat either folded or rolled up. Some of my clients stash a mat under their bed and then pull it out as required, others store it behind a door or in a cupboard. Do the same with any props, try to store them close by and out of sight but know exactly where you can access them when you need them. This is important too if you have small children or pets who are likely to mistake your props for toys and potentially hide or damage them.
Other helpful tips that have contributed to my clients home practice success are:
Setting the heater timer in winter to come on shortly before waking which is placed near the mat, so transitioning from bed to mat is an inviting prospect.
If you are short on space establish "stations" in different parts of the house for different types of exercises. For example a resistance band tied permanently to a door handle in a quiet part of the house is always ready for those standing shoulder exercises as you walk past, no preparation required,  while your mat be set-up elsewhere. Hand weights may be stored in the kitchen where you know you can spend 5 - 10 minutes using them, it's only limited by your own creativity.
I hope this has inspired you to create and organise your personalised practice area, which in turn will make practising Pilates at home or in the office an enjoyable and rewarding experience!
Pictured above is a temporary set-up that gets packed away

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